Scottish Dirks & Sgian-Dubhs

masonic_sgiandubh9846.jpg SgianDubh9846.jpg Picture_109846.jpg SgianDubh 6 inch Blade.JPG Tartan Pattern SgianDubh 2.jpg SgianDubh 2-1603.jpg SgianDubh Veldtman-2662.JPG SgianDubh Murray-4757.jpg Regimental Pattern Centenary SgianDubh-3310.JPG SgianDubh  Lindsay-504.JPG SgianDubh Damascus-326.JPG SgianDubhs  Tyrer-1809.JPG SgianDubh Buffalo  Engraving-378.jpg SgianDubh Shepherd-2190.jpg Trio of SgianDubhs-1029.jpg image-4668.jpeg image-2532.jpeg FullSizeRender-715.jpg FullSizeRender-4547.jpg IMG0559-402.JPG IMG0560-4203.JPG IMG0377-802.PNG IMG0576-2729.PNG FullSizeRender-2971.jpg


Masonic Sgian-Dubh 

Overall Length:   197mm

Bolster Material:   Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Handle Material:   Elephant Ivory


Bolster and Pommel engraved with a Thistle Motif by Miguel Angelo Engraving (082 694-7682)

Masonic Emblem on handle