I harden and temper all of my knives personally. I also check and then guarantee the Rockwell Hardness reading. The tell-tale indent in the region of my logo is evidence of this. I will harden and temper your knives for you and provide you with

There is nothing more dangerous and more likely to cut you than a blunt knife, at the same time most home sharpeners actually destroy your knives. It may seem like you are giving the blade a fine edge but in reality you are tearing it to pieces. A we

Generally I can etch any design, name or date onto a blade that I have made. If you would like your company logo placed on the blade - a great idea for corporate gifts - or any other information it is possible. I will also teach you my method o

Bearing in mind the cost and time that it can take to make a custom, hand-crafted knife, why not consider a Gift Voucher. With a Gift Voucher you can elect to buy a down-payment or the entire cost of the knife for that special person. He or She then